Life After is a story that is inspired from true events which follows the lives of the characters; James, Lee, Kayla, Louise, Sarah and Charlotte. This films main purpose is to highlight the devastating and delicate situation of suicide but the film itself is not about the suicide it is about the trail of devastation it leaves after someone has taken this tragic path. The film will tell the story of James to the point he is no longer with us and then will follow on with what happens to the friends and family who are left in the wake of James’ actions

James - David Hannington

A funny and bubbly soul who loves to make people smile. James hides behind a mask that he wears so well. Sadly James loses his battle with depression and what we see next are how friends and family members are left in the wake of his actions


Lee - Lliam Coker

A happy go lucky man who never had to deal with friends with mental health problems growing up. Sadly growing up without this insight left Lee uneducated in how to help his best friend at times that James would need him. James’ death changes Lee’s life when depression becomes a big part of Lee’s world, a part he had never experienced or known before


Louise - Josie Wood-Priest

Lee’s girlfriend, sometimes troubled with her own mental health issues but all around a good friend and someone who listens and understands. Louise would be there for James when Lee couldn’t help and is a good voice of reason


Kayla - Alyx Holcombe

James’ girlfriend and bearer of his unborn child. The couple struggled with money and finding a home, which was a strain on their lives. Kayla is left with her unborn child not growing up with a Dad and the heartache of losing her partner


Vicky - Stacey Hawkins

James’ sister has a history with depression after dealing with a past loves mental health battle. Vicky tries to cope with the news that James has lost his fight and the discovery is extremely hard to take


Martin - Charlie Livingstone

James’ Dad is a strong character who is looking for answers. Losing James has left a lot of unanswered questions

Carol - Tralee Dunn

James’ Mum is devastated after loosing her baby boy. Left heartbroken by James’ actions and not understanding why, she protects James and his image


Charlotte - Samantha Keller

Cousin Charlotte felt a closeness to James and is grief stricken with the news. James’ actions leave Charlotte with a heavy heart and brings her world tumbling down


Music Credit: Luke Swift

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