Life After follows a close-knit group as they deal with the devastating and delicate issues surrounding depression and suicide, in particular the devastation left after a loved one has taken this tragic path. The film follows James’ story, as he sinks into depression, and how his friends and family deal with the aftermath of his actions. Inspired by real-life events, this powerful, at times disturbing, film takes an uncompromising look at a very difficult subject, with the hope that the light it shines will help others facing this awful situation.


An Improvise Films LTD. Production, in partnership with South East and Central Essex Mind

David Hannington

Lliam Coker

Josie Wood-Priest

Alyx Holcombe

Sophie Holland

Stacey Hawkins

Chic Livingstone

Tralee Dunn

Samantha Keller



Directed by Ben Lettieri

Life After - Carnz