Special Thanks

Why I would like to thank these people and companies

People like yourselves show there is good in the world and that people have a heart and would like to make a difference too

Support we have so far​

South East and Central Essex Mind

Recently we have been working alongside our local Mind charity, South East and Central Essex Mind. We are proud to be helping our local community by helping raise funds for our local Mind. We hope that we can raise awareness for what Mind do and help them raise more funds in our process of this film and also in hosting more charity events and helping them raise awareness for themselves. We also plan on helping with some filming to help promote what they do as they haven't been able to get the funding for this aspect of advertisement, please help us to help them.

The Bearded Villains Essex Chapter

Bearded Villains Essex Chapter was started as part of beardedvillainsuk in 2015 and in 2018 we was made an official chapter of Bearded Villains which was started by @von_knox to change the way people see bearded men. We all work instilling the mission statement of bearded villains. 


"To unite Bearded Men of all cultures, races and creed in a Brotherhood devoted to Loyalty, Honor and Respect toward all people, Dedicated to the betterment of mankind through fraternity, charity and kindness"


The Essex chapter are small in numbers but we make up in the things we do to give back to charities.


With our captain Drewbiddles we are looking to fully develop how we give back, looking into local charities in the Essex area which will benefit the most from the money we raise

Bearded Villains Essex Life After


JB Studios - Jenny made us feel comfortable and welcome in her studio and has also helped and supported us in a lot of ways. For an amazing photographer, or host of a photography studio please think of Jenny and the amazing work she does.


The Marlborough Head, Rochford - Paul and Sue have been supportive in our film project and their pub will feature in our film.

If you want to visit a friendly pub in Rochford, near Southend then please check out the Marlborough Head.


Shoebury Studios, Shoeburyness - Tony showed us around his venue and you wouldn't believe how much they can do, with a function room, a roof garden, vocal booth and more. We look forward to filming in this location as it truly suits our needs and more.


Chinnerys Southend - Chinnerys listened to what we are doing and have been supportive of our film project. With a bar and a live music venue you can really have a good night out. We will be using The Venue for our project with live music


TWENTY ONE, Southend - We have hosted a handful of charity events at Twenty One and love the space they have. They have been supportive in what we are doing and have continued their support in allowing us to shoot in their venue.


Just Giving

Thank you for all the support we have received from everyone who has donated on our campaign page.

Your donations have and will help us with the production of Life After.

Samantha Coombes, Beth Livingstone, Abby Livingstone, Mitch Marsh

Tina Boswell, Ashley Davies, Sheila Smerdon, Nicky Chaplin

Barbara Gillies, Joshua Evison, Robert Reid

Josie Searl, Aamina Khan

Who we would like to thank

Cafe Tierre, Rayleigh - Matt and Sim have been supporting us since they found out what we are doing, by displaying a poster for us.


Micky Graham - Micky has helped with our fundraiser and helped it to become what it is, he has helped make an amazing event.

TWENTY ONE, Southend - We asked if we could use this venue to host events to raise money for Life After and South East and Central Essex Mind and they were more than happy to help once they learnt of the cause


Dorothy Perkins/Burtons, Southend - The manager Mo, who out of the kindness of his own heart donated a voucher for a raffle prize for our event


New Dawn Comics, Rayleigh - The owner, Who recently learnt of his favourite singer losing his battle with mental health donated two stacks of comics as a raffle prize.


Red Door, Rayleigh - Leo and Sadie have helped us by donating a bottle of Prosecco for a raffle prize.


Bleeding Ear Studios, Southend - Dave has helped us by kindly letting us use a drum kit from his studio for our Mental Health Awareness event



Terry & Sharan - With their love and support they have been there for the whole journey, also helping to bring this film to life.

Samantha & Andy - Helping by donating to the film, but also being there when truly needed.

kayPowXD on twitch - Kaylee has been supporting us and has done shoutouts for us on Twitter and on Twitch

Twitch KayPowXD Life After

Ninja Theory - An independent game company helping by donating a raffle prize.

They also help to support Mental Health America http://www.ninjatheory.com

please check out their game Hellblade http://www.hellblade.com

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