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Updated: Feb 15, 2020

We have been searching for music and someone to do the musical score for Life After and we have found amazing local talent who not only are happy for us to use their existing music but who are also willing to write for Life After too!

Take a look at Life Afters musicians...


Carnz is a talented Hip Hop artist from Essex.

As well as some of his existing songs featuring throughout the film, He has also kindly written and composed a brand new track specifically for the film.


A local group from Southend-On-Sea comprising of four band members form The SBF.

This wonderful group are helping one of our scenes come to life through the magic of music, hearing about our project and what we needed, these guys are more than happy to help.

Luke Swift

Luke has many talents, playing piano and classic guitar are just a few to mention.

Luke heard what we were doing and offered his help in any way possible and is composing score and soundtrack especially for the film.

Chris Canon

Chris Canon is an amazing musician.​

Chris has written and performed the amazing track Hourglass, the mood and lyrics are very fitting for it's place in Life After

Rob P

Rob has spent many years as a house music artist and has given us permission to use some of his mixes in Life After.

He has also taken some ideas away with him to create some mixes specifically for this film.

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