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Our Just Giving page is live!

Updated: Feb 15, 2020

As a tribute to my late best friend Kieron, whose death has left a huge hole in my life, I am determined to get my script I have written made into a feature film.

With the help and support of my good friend at Improvise Films LTD, a small local indie film production company with award winning titles under their belt, the journey has begun.

The script is written and we are casting roles and looking for locations, making this important project inspired by true events come to life.

Suicide Prevention

Why Donate?

Any money we raise will go towards props, equipment, locations for the film and paying the cast and crew and musicians for the musical scores. Entirely for production costs, nothing else.

This is a very serious topic we believe is often not covered honestly or is overlooked too quickly, swept under a rug so to speak. That in itself is almost as big a crime as the tragic subject matter itself. We want this film to be realistic and honest, avoiding making it either overdramatic or dancing around the subject matter in an attempt to sugar coat the reality of it. I know deep down this is a topic that people care about, but sadly it is also a topic that is not given the attention it so desperately needs.

“I cannot bring my friend back to life no matter how much I wish I could. But I can save other people by bringing this story to life instead!.”

Other ways you can help

You can help in more ways than just donating! Sharing the word of our film will help get it made. Share our crowdfunding or even our posts on social media, Share our teaser trailers that highlight mental health and the effects suicide has on a persons mental and physical health. Whether you can help in a contribution or not you will have a place in our hearts for just helping raise awareness to depression and suicide prevention

From Pedro to Pierre, this is for you.

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