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My tips for better mental health

Updated: Feb 15, 2020

All views in this article are my own and these are methods that I found that have helped me.

Recently I had a friend come to me and ask if I had anything that would help them to get out of their head. A question that I, in the past have come up against myself. After talking with this friend it got me thinking and I wrote up a list of methods that I have used to help me get out of my own head and I would like to share these with you.

Methods I have used:-

1. Social Media

When my head was at one of it's most loudest, one of the methods I used at the time was to delete facebook. When I say delete facebook it is more that I suspended the use of facebook as I continued the use of messenger. This for anyone who has tried isn't necessarily easy but you have to stick it out. I had facebook suspended for nearly a year and I found it helped so much not to worry about what lets say "Damian had for breakfast" or what "Samantha was up to every minute of the day". Removing some of the posts that people share can help to improve your mood but these will also be covered in Videos and Pictures/Memes.

I only removed the use of facebook from my day, I continued the use of Instagram as to me it was mostly just pictures that my friends shared and it still had my interests that I followed and as many know when your feeling low, you can lose sight of your interests and hobbies.

Removing the use of social media may not work for everyone as for some it is a form of contact but that is why I kept messenger. I would still have facebook suspended if it wasn't for Life After and trying to help others who need help with their mental health.

2. Videos

One of the perks of not being on Facebook is that I noticed how mind numbing some of the videos are that are presented to you. Facebook is not going to be the only method of seeing videos that I consider not very productive for your brain, I'm sure you would find them on any social media platform and video service. Being off of facebook for nearly a year I noticed the more someone would show me a video that popped up on their feed the more the words "mind numbing video" come to mind. I don't mean film trailers and important subjects but if you've been away from some of the videos that are on there then you would realise how much crap is out there.

Also if you are guilty of scrolling through social media until stupid hours of the morning then removing yourself from the situation may help you get some sleep and will also help remove you off your phone a little more when it is time to go to bed, which I found helped me to be able to fall asleep a lot sooner than I was previously able to.

3. Negative Pictures and Memes

Coming across images with quotes related to mental health can detrimental to your own thought train. I have found these images make me feel like I relate to the words I read and intrude on my thoughts and make me feel worse. Avoiding images like the one above can vastly improve how you feel, so stop following pages like "depression quotes" and follow more inspirational pages as these can help lift your spirit and change your thought process.

Memes can be just as bas as the quotes in images, some may see them as a joke, but they speak to us on another level and it's a way to laugh it off. Mental health shouldn't just be laughed away, because it doesn't go away it only masks what is really getting to you. Avoid this imagery and open up, talk about what's going on.

4. Music of a depressive nature or relatable to how your feeling

We have all been guilty of this one, your feeling low so think "I know the perfect song to go with my mood" in the hope that maybe once you've listened to the song your mood will improve but it doesn't and you find yourself relating to the lyrics then looking for more songs to cater for your mood. This just becomes a bit of a vicious cycle and you end up making yourself feel worse. It's easier said than done but when possible avoid listening to music that brings down your mood. If you have a favourite song that is more uplifting, put that on. Music speaks to you and can completely change your mood.

A song I have found that can help put me in a better mood is The Twang - Either Way. I find this song helps me to feel that what has happened is in the past and it can make me feel better about myself and when the chorus comes on and I sing it out loud I do feel like I have chased the bad things away.

5. Keep your hobbies and interests

To me this is really important as keeping your hobbies and interests is keeping who you are as a person and losing interest in these is losing a big part of yourself. Whether you are into Sports (watching or playing), Reading, Model Making or Movies for example, when you are low you start to lose interest but these are what make you, you! Don't let them go, don't lose this part of yourself. I know it is easy to lose sight of what you love when your not feeling yourself no more but don't lose this part of yourself too.

As geeky as some may find it; Marvel movies is one of my interests and when I have been at my lowest I have lost complete interest in even watching these movies. I didn't even like the thought of watching them. Now I am glad I am watching them again because it is part of me, it is something I enjoy and know I enjoy so why would I lose sight of this. If you can figure out your favourite activities, pastimes work on them, make them part of your day again. Don't lose yourself losing what you love to do.

Kieron’s death changed my outlook on everything, I lost my interests and found it hard to be excited about the things i used to love, once I found an interest again and that interest grew, it was amazing how my life started changing for the better. No matter how low you may feel, it may not seem like it, but you WILL find your way again
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