• Lliam Coker


Updated: Jun 20, 2020

We have been busy finding locations for our shoot and it's getting us excited!

Local businesses and friends have been very forthcoming with locations and helping towards the shooting of Life After!

East Beach

We have a scene to shoot at the beach and we can't wait to shoot here.


Whatever we do in life we all have to work and the stresses and struggles of work are shown in Life After. We have found an amazing location for work purposes and would like to thank Tony at Shoebury Studios for the set he has provided.

JB Studios

This has become an amazing location to shoot because of it being a photo studio there are many set ups we have been able to create at just one location. Jenny has been an amazing host and we look forward to shooting more here!

The Marlborough Head, Rochford

We have been given an amazing opportunity to shoot a pub scene at this pub in Rochford.

So we have some exciting locations ready for shooting! We are excited and look forward to finding more.

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