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Life After Script

Updated: Feb 15, 2020

The script is written and we are casting for actors and actresses making sure they suit their roles. We are looking for suitable locations and gathering the funds to make this film happen.

Why we want to make the film?

We believe our film could help raise awareness for mental health and many people in a huge way and in turn save lives.

We have been working alongside our local Mind charity, South East and Central Essex Mind. We are proud to be helping our local community by helping support the charity. We hope that we can raise awareness for what they do and help them; through the production of this film in addition to hosting charity events and fundraisers.

Cast & Crew

We are specifically picking cast members who truly want to get involved, have experienced elements of the story first hand and who can relate to the topic with honesty and integrity. So far we have some wonderful people on board who all want this to be as realistic and relatable as possible so the audience will have a real connection and a realisation of how terribly destructive departing from the world in this way really is to everyone who will forever wish you were still here.


We are looking for venues to shoot Life After. Looking for locations that will be fitting and to work with local businesses during shooting.

“Everyday lives are lost unnecessarily. Together we can do something about it..”

Who we are


Lliam is the writer of the script, he has also worked alongside improvise films on several productions.

Lliam has writen this script to honour the memory of his best friend and bring light to the subject as it is so often left in the dark

Lliam hopes this will help people in the future and raise greater awareness of suicide prevention on their behalf


Ben is a multi-award winning actor, director, writer, fight choreographer and head of production company Improvise Films Ltd. In addition, he has successfully produced a number of well received films for his company.

Ben is also a dedicated martial artist with over 25 years experience, a former kickboxing instructor and personal trainer.

Ben graduated from New York Film Academy in Universal Studios, Hollywood.

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