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Hourglass by Chris Hobart

Updated: Jun 20, 2020

We have been lucky to have some amazing local talent work on our soundtrack and it’s coming together so well.

Chris Hobart - Hourglass

Chris Hobart is an amazing musician.

Chris has written and performed this amazing track Hourglass, the mood and lyrics are very fitting for its place in Life After

Life After is a story that is inspired from true events which follows the lives of the characters; James, Lee, Kayla, Louise, Sarah and Charlotte. This films main purpose is to highlight the devastating and delicate situation of suicide but the film itself is not about the suicide it is about the trail of devastation it leaves after someone has taken this tragic path. The film will tell the story of James to the point he is no longer with us and then will follow on with what happens to the friends and family who are left in the wake of James’ actions

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