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Life After is born!

Updated: Feb 15, 2020

After losing my best friend to depression, I realised something was missing from the media that covers the people left in the wake of suicide.


Kieron was my best friend. This is one of the last photos we took together. Sadly Kieron lost his battle with depression and took his life shortly after this picture was taken.

As a way of coping with this tragedy, my filmmaking friends and I are producing a film that will bring greater awareness to the often taboo subjects of suicide and depression.

This film will cover the often ignored and deeply important subject of suicide and was inspired by true events. Our aim is for the film to raise awareness with genuine honesty and do justice to those who have knowledge in the subject matter along with doing our best to educate those who do not. This is not a film about suicide, however this is about the trail of devastation it leaves after someone has taken this tragic path. Highlighting the terrible knock on effect it has on the people left behind from one person’s troubled act. Writing this incredible story has helped me along my own journey of depression beyond anything else and my hope is it will help answer the call of others who are desperately in search of support, to think that this film may one day help change someone’s mind or make them think of the family and friends that they would leave behind and how it destroys them, that is the driving force behind this huge struggle and sacrifice to get this film made.

Please support our project so we can help others from suffering the same tragic circumstances and help them see they are not alone.


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